Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you currently vaccinating?

We are currently vaccinating anyone 12 years old or older, but boosters are only given to those 18 or older.

Who can get boosters?

Anyone 65 or older and 18-64 with underlying health problems or who work in high risk environment. Read here for full information.

Can you get a different vaccine brand for the booster?

Yes. The FDA approved an update which says that you can receive a booster of any brand regardless of your original vaccine.

Why can't I call the office to schedule a vaccine appointment?

We are a small, community dermatology office and we do not have the staffing available to answer the large amount of phone calls we are currently receiving about vaccinations. We are still taking care of all of our patients dermatologic needs and need to keep the lines open for this. Online scheduling allows us to handle mass vaccination along with all of the other needs of a busy dermatology practice.

Why do I need a Google account to make an online appointment?

We use Google's servers and calendar system (in a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-safe environment) to manage our online appointments. Unfortunately this requires patients to sign up for a Google account if they don't already have one. Luckily, you can create a Google account with your current email address during the online appointment booking. Just follow the steps on the screen.

How do I know if my appointment was successfully created?

You should receive an email with details about the appointment after you create the appointment. You will also see the appointment when you are logged into Google (make sure you are logged in to the Google account that you made the appointment with!) on your Google Calendar. You will not receive a phone call from us to confirm, though you may receive an appointment reminder via our automated system (phone, text, or email).

If I live in Maryland and your office is in Delaware, can I still get vaccinated at your office?

The guidance given to us by the Delaware Division of Public Health is that we may vaccinate both Delaware and Maryland patients at our discretion. If you live on the eastern shore of Virginia, please let us know and we will inquire on your behalf.

Which vaccine do you have?

On the calendar when you are making your appointment, you will see the name of the manufacturer of the vaccine we are currently administering. We get our vaccine supply from the Delaware Division of Public Health and we get whatever they give us. We have administered both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the office. You can also visit VaccineFinder and search for us on there. It is updated daily and shows what we currently have in inventory.

What if I have medical questions about COVID-19 vaccination?

The best place to go is the CDC website for Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination. They have everything listed there including side effects, dosing schedule, ingredients, contraindications, etc.